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Endorsed by the Organization of Kodály Music Educators (OAKE), the Kodály Association of Southern California (KASC) sponsored Music Education Institute, provides Kodály certification courses as well as other professional development courses. Visit for specific dates & course details.


Scholarship Application Information:
Scholarships awarded toward three-week Core Pre-Certification course fees. 
Subject to funds available; scholarship amounts may fluctuate.
Courses:  three weeks in July; Application Deadline:  June 1.


Applicants must:

*be a current member of OAKE
*be currently teaching music (preferred, but not necessary).
*be a Music or Music Education major graduate.  Undergraduate students may be considered.
*submit a letter of recommendation from a principal, music advisor, supervisor, or professor.
*pay the tuition balance at registration.  It is further expected that the recipient will fulfill all course requirements on time or forfeit the scholarship.  In that event, scholarship funds must be returned to the KASC Scholarship Fund.
*Scholarship recipient is not eligible for early registration discount.

Please email or call if you have questions.
KASC Certification Coordinator: Dr. Katherine Hickey
38600 Pine Drive, Cherry Valley, CA 92223;


KASC SCholarship application

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